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Little Mess!

Foan & Fortune in association with Little Angel Theatre and

Attenborough Arts Centre Present Little Mess! 


Join Princess Olive on a thrilling quest to find the legenda­ry Tidy Up Troll to help clean her room before the Tro­ll Queen’s palace pa­rty!

This fanta­stical puppetry adve­nture is jam pa­cked with original music, magic, and comedy.

For everyone everywh­ere who delights in making a Little Mess! 


An engaging and uplifting tale for families and audiences aged 2+, Little Mess! celebrates imaginati­ve story-telling and creative play - and encoura­ges the whole family to join in the fun.


About Little Mess! 


Little Mess! is a puppetry-based theatrical film for the whole family. Staged in a bespoke 3D tabletop puppet theatre, the show is made specifically for film with unique and original designs. All props and puppets are based on household objects that families interact with everyday, making it particularly accessible for young children and audiences with SEN & additional needs.  


We hope that this theatrical film will inspire audiences to use creative learning tools in order to reimagine their own space and recreate the adventure at home or school, as well as inventing their own stories by creating puppets and worlds with domestic objects such as pillows, socks, blankets, toothbrushes and craft materials.


Little Mess! is adapted from our theatre production, Mess! which was developed with Little Angel Theatre in 2019. 


Little Mess! has been commissioned by Little Angel Theatre and SENsory Atelier at Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester for their digital programme in May 2021.


You can watch the show on Little Angel Theatre and Attenborough Arts Centre YouTube Channels from 29th May 2021



Cast & Creative Team 


Created by Helen Foan & Marie Fortune 

Music by Jen Hazel 

Producer Charlotte Lund 


For Little Angel Theatre 

Artistic Director Samantha Lane

Marketing Manager Sophie Waddy


For Attenborough Arts Centre

SENsory Atelier Programme Manager Bob Christie

Programming Officer John Kirby

Marketing Manager Sunita Tailor


R&D week for Mess! at the Little Angel Theatre July 2019

Photographs by Thomas Scurr

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